Friday, 27 March 2009

So here I am, finally......

after a lot of thought about organising my random thoughts, i have realised that maybe this is a good way out -- if not bestest.... so finally, my uncensored mind is here put into words....

as the maratha world observes gudi padwa today, maa is relieved that she can sleep two hours extra, read the newspaper in-and-out, prepare the breakfast in leisure and of course, ensure that the chores are done -- the cleaning, sweeping of floors, washing the utensils, etc..etc...etc...

now a chutti also means that she can coax me to have a healthy breakfast AND lunch before i leave for work... so after a boring breakfast, i was made to eat a colourful and obnoxious lunch:

1. slices of boiled beetroot which left my mouth sweet
2. karela sabzi made with lots of oil and slices potatoes
3. a boiled egg which had turned pink after it rolled on the steel plate and accidentally brushed the beetroot
4. rich thick curd
5. masoor dal with lots of dhaniya and tomato, lending the dal a tang flavour
6. pressure-cooked rice

it was a not-so-gorgeous melange of tastes, but maa reasoned that themeal would provide complete nutrition as well as keep hunger at bay till evening, when i was supposed to much onto an apple... her reasoning about ensuring that i ate everything presented to me at lunch was an idea born out of her concern for the various health deficiencies that i have developed thanks to the great job that i have, her inability to keep a tab on my lunch on other weekdays, and the sudden availability of iron-rich, protein-rich, probacteria-rich food items....

mothers and fathers -- if you hate them for a reason, i bet you the same reason why you love them... it will never be any other reason... sounds a lot like what most people say about weaknesses and strengths -- "your weaknesses alone are your strengths"... is it really so?

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