Sunday, 11 October 2009

Photography workshop at Awaz-E-Niswaan

Pictures often speak louder than words. And when these pictures reflect the innermost desires, pain, agony, dreams by a section of the human race which has been dominated upon and abused for a long time, the pictures then can only behold anyone's eyes.

This was the vision when photographers Sudharak Olwe and Ravi Shekhar conveyed to me when they were told about this workshop. I knew that I had to be a part of it -- and words, often if not as louder as the media chosen by the two gentlemen, can be the sword that shows its might through its varied dimensions. I had the power to bring life to the workshop once again, long after it had infused energy and confidence among the participants.

Over the course of the workshop, many new friends were made who conveyed the most essential ingredient of living -- of the need to love and be loved, despite the muck and dirt that one has fallen prey to, or will shove off.

This workshop was very close to my heart. It taught me lessons about life, marriage, sacrifice, determination; it taught me things about myself that I had never known; it taught me the constituent of that most important ingredient of life -- respect for the individual. Without respect, there can be no love; without love, there can be no life.

P.S.: At many places, I have referred to myself in the third person as this was the official documentation of the workshop that was submitted to Awaz-E-Niswaan.

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